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Death Of A Nation Free Download HD 720p

Death of a Nation    

N/A 108 min DocumentaryHistoryHollywood

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Death Of A Nation Free Download HD 720p.his movie is a disgrace to the our people and the institution of our government. The facts about our history are badly misrepresented and distorted. Yet, like the conservative television news and hate talk radio the speaker looks directly into the camera or speaks directly into the microphone and lies without batting an eyelash. Unbelievable how brainwashed these people are. Trump as Lincoln?

Lincoln fought at considerable personal danger and gave himself so ideas like Trumps are eradicated from the land! Lincoln would send the army to defeat Trump and his fans. Lincoln was for equality. Trump gave billionaires and millionaires yet another tax cut and sold even more Chinese merchandise. If you were an honest person you would walk away to at least consider how conservative voters hate on themselves more than anybody else and people like D Souza are taking you for a ride. On this ride you would drink bile.This “take” on history is just that. No amount of dressing up will change that.This film is pure propaganda. It’s whole premise is based on lies and is obviously intended to muddy the waters and confuse the facts. The only thing it gets right is the title, “Death of a Nation”, but not for the false reasons this film states, but because the Trump Presidency really could be the death of our nation if the checks and balances so wisely placed by our founding fathers.

The life of the population is not truthfully described. It misrepresents what verifiably happened in our past and is also filled with this man’s opinions which are based on his emotional outlook on our country. It is Trump (who pardoned him) over USA with D Sozua. He has never lived the American dream because he does not know it.  Death Of A Nation Free Download HD 720p Death of a Nation Free Movies Download

Death Of A Nation Free Download HD 720p

Death Of A Nation Free Download HD 720p
Death Of A Nation Free Download HD 720p
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