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Home Alone 4 Free Download HD 720p

Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House    

NOT RATED 89 min ComedyCrimeFamilyHollywood

IMDB: 2.5/10 28,744 votes


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Home Alone 4 Free Download HD 720p.First, I’ll give a little background about what I thought about the previous Home Alone movies: The first two movies were childhood favorites of mine. They basically played on every kid’s fantasies of being left alone to do anything they wanted.

Kevin got to screw around the house/New York, spend lots of money, watch violent movies, talk back to adults, and beat the bad guys. What little kid wouldn’t want to be Kevin? Home Alone 3 was trash. It was obviously just an attempt to cash in on the franchise, and resembled the original two in nothing but name. Replacing badass Kevin was a completely new, annoying kiddie brainiac. Instead of being truly left home alone for an extended period of time, the kid was just staying home sick with the chicken pox. And instead of a simple story about a kid fighting off two bumbling burglars, there was some lame wannabe James Bond plot about international spies working for the North Koreans. The franchise was pretty much dead with the aging of Macauly Culkin, and I couldn’t believe this movie was even made. I didn’t think the Home Alone series could sink any lower. I was wrong.They at least they got it right by using Kevin as the main character, but it was all downhill from there. It’s like the writers didn’t even watch the first two movies. I understand the use of younger actors, since the originals are now too old. However, Kevin, Buzz, and everyone else actually seemed younger than they were in the originals.

Home Alone 4 came out as a made-for-TV movie, on ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney. It’s TV origins definitely showed in the poor production values and acting. I watched this movie only because I had nothing better to do, and I wanted to see whether this one would be as big a failure as the third. It turned out to be worse. Home Alone 4 Free Download HD 720p Home Alone 4 Taking Back the House Free Movies Download

Home Alone 4 Free Download HD 720p

Home Alone 4 Free Download HD 720p
Home Alone 4 Free Download HD 720p
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